Kippax Vet Hospital has a large sterile surgical theatre, fully equipped with a gaseous anaesthetic machine and anaesthetic monitoring equipment. All animals are given the highest standard of care at Kippax. Pets coming in for surgery are examined before their procedure and receive pre-operative pain relief, post-operative pain relief and ongoing pain relief following their procedure. All animals receive intravenous fluid therapy during their anaesthetic to help support them during their procedure and ensure speedy recovery. We expect all our animals to come in for a recheck following their surgeries to ensure a full and appropriate recovery.


All dogs and cats are required by ACT animal registration laws to be desexed unless they are to be used for breeding. Desexing is recommended for all animals for behavioural and medial reasons. Desexings are one of the most common precodeures we perform in veterinary practice, however we pride ourselves on providing thorough care and monitoring to each individual animal. All animals are examined before their anaesthetic, Desexing procedures are day-stay surgeries that we will perform Monday to Friday.

Soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery
Non-routine surgeries are required frequently during most pets lives, whether it be for minor procedures such as removal of lumps, suturing up wounds or for more complex things such as broken limbs or intestinal obstructions. The majority of surgeries can be performed at Kippax Veterinary Hospital, although occasionally we need to refer an animal to a specialist surgeon for more complex procedures. All surgeries are performed to the highest standard with constant anaesthetic monitoring by trained veterinary nurses. We are constantly training to allow new and more complicated procedures to be offered through our clinic, leading to exceptional patient and client care.



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