Client Reviews

Kath McQuarrie

Kippax Veterinary Hospital continues to provide sympathetic professional care to my three dogs .  One dog has a continuing skin condition which has been researched with excellent and successful treatment provided.  Dr Alison and her vets keep up to date with the latest veterinary practises.
The staff are obliging and friendly and the Hospital has a work ethic which supports the care of older owners and their companion animals, providing special access to veterinary care, recognising the importance of companion animals to the health and well being of their aged owners.
Dr Alison commenced many years ago, and continues today, the care project in Northern Australia where she, other vets and vet nurses travel each 6 months to Utopia for 10 days to desex dogs in the aboriginal communities.
I have complete confidence in Kippax. Veterinary Hospital to provide excellent veterinary care for my dogs and reassurance to me.

Oct 2016

Craig Hooper

We first started going to Kippax some years ago with our elderly Burmese cat, Princess. We had heard that Dr Alison had considerable experience, expertise and interest in older animals and were hoping that we could find some solutions, particularly with managing her arthritis. We were immediately struck by not only the holistic approach taken to Princess’ care, but it was also obvious that their approach and knowledge was both contemporary and first rate. The care that Alison and the broader Kippax team provided to Princess over the years vastly improved her quality of life and when the time came, at 19 ½ years of age, to help her go, their care and compassion encompassed both Princess and us.

We can’t recommend Kippax more highly, all the staff are terrific, we still make the trip across town with our new cat and feel very comfortable knowing he receives the best of care. Thanks guys!

Aug 2016


Julie-Anne Boxall

I am struggling to find the words that would describe just how wonderful the staff at Kippax Veterinary Hospital are and how amazingly they have treated us and our pets. From the second you call whether it is an emergency, a check-up or my husband being over protective you are in great hands. I think the wonderful ladies who answer the phones are saints. They reassure, calm you down and know your pets – and in my case my husband – well enough to know when you need to get into see a vet quickly or when you just need to talk things out.

We have two dogs; a Maltese Shitzu cross called Jack and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi called Atticus. Both dogs have ‘interesting’ medical histories and I don’t know how we could have made it through without the support of everyone at Kippax Vet. Jack developed Epilepsy at two years old and our poor corgi has the most malformed hips that anyone has seen in a long time. Now, with amazing care from our team of vets, Jack rarely has a fit, has had no complications with his illness and is doing really well. Atty is able to swim and chase a ball – gently – which are the two most important things to him. The treatment we have worked with for Atticus is light pain killers and prescription food….it seems amazing to me that eating the right kinds of foods can make such a huge medical difference. Atticus is due to start his stem cell therapy in a month and we are all very excited. Even if he recovers only 50% of his past movement in his hips his life will be so much better.

I would recommend the staff of Kippax Veterinary Hospital to anyone who has a pet….you will be nurtured and cared for as much as your animal family member and it really does make a difference.


Maureen, Lawrence, Nathan and Dylan Cohen

Dear Alison and all the amazing staff at Kippax

We were so deeply humbled by your letter and kind words of compassion for the loss of our much loved dog, Princess, and we connot say thank you enough for all that you did to save her.

As devasted as we still are, we are so very grateful that her last few days were spent at your hospital, where we know your looked after her so well. Your generous donation to ACAHF in memory of our babe is just such a wonderful gesture, and we in turn will make a donation ourselves.

With eternal thanks and gratitude. Our very best wishes always.

Jan 2013


Helen Kelly

My family is very grateful for the professional and caring attention of all the staff to our dog's battle with lymphoma. Sooty is know to all members of the staff who greet him like an old friend. They keep us fully informed at every stage during the treatment program and have given him good quality of life for an extended period. We would not hesitate to return to Kippax Vet Hospital with any future pets.


Romi, Dale, WeeThing, Mr Frodo, Miss Angel, Princess Taya, Sybil the Chicken

Kippax Vet Hospital has been looking after our children since 1998. Since then, the Hospital's ownership has changed hands and friends made over the years have moved on or retired. But we have made new friends at Kippax, and have now placed our trust in them to continue the care of our loved ones – the commitment of everyone has remained top notch. We are comforted in the knowledge that dedicated animal health professionals, and the considerable and advanced resources of Kippax Vet Hospital, are but a short drive away.

Thank you also for the contribution that the Hospital and individual staff members have made to the animal charities with which we are involved.

Thank you all, for all that you do for animals.
If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth. ~Chief Seattle of the Suquamish Tribe, letter to President Franklin Pierce

Love from Romi, Dale, WeeThing, Mr Frodo, Miss Angel, Princess Taya, Sybil the Chicken. And our other pets who have sadly passed on

Oct 2012


Belinda and Peter Hurdis

We have been going to Kippax VET since 2004. We have 3 dogs and a cat. Our very special dog Sootie was diagnosed with Liver Cancer in 2007 and unfortunately had to be put down. We were absolutely devastated!  However the Vets And Nurses were wonderful and arrived on our doorstep that afternoon with flowers and a card. We were overwhelmed by their kindness and caring. He was a very special dog!

We now have 3 beautiful dogs and a cat. Zac, Tobie, Bridgette and Runway the cat. They love going to the Vets and are spoilt rotten !!!!!!!

I could not recommend this Vet Surgery highly enough. ALL Vets AND staff are absolutely wonderful!

Nov 2012


Jenny, Dave, James & Sarah

Dear wonderful staff

Thank you so much for taking care of Billy who we sadly had say goodbye to on 10 August 2012. Billy enjoyed the best of care with you and you always accommodated our needs with professionalism and warmth especially evident when we had to let him go (thanks heaps Deb for fitting him in when needed). A very difficult day but made so much more bearable with the way you helped us to do the best thing for him (thanks so so much Karina, Lou Ellen and Nicole).

Also, thank you Louise for being the primary Vet for Billy, he enjoyed his senior years in as much comfort as possible. A really important thing to note is your care in preparing us in the most gentle way to do the right thing by him.

To you all, we were especially touched by your aftercare in sending us your lovely card and beautiful thoughts and providing a donation on Billy's behalf for research into the conditions that affect our pets. Something that I would also like to do and will speak to you about soon.

Once again, thank you so much and we look forward to enjoying the same amazing care when it is time for another beautiful dog in our lives.

Also, thanks Yvette for looking after meds for Billy - you were always so helpful and really great to deal with xx